Youth in Care Canada is devoted to the generous individuals, organizations, staff, volunteers, corporations, and foundations who help YICC excel every day. Their contributions of time and money allow YICC to provide diverse opportunities for youth in and from care.

 Though every gift is as unique as its donor, there are some overriding motivations and/or values that our donors share: The desire to provide opportunity for young people in/from care who are ever deserving of support in their personal, educational, and career pursuits; the drive to advocate for changes to the child welfare system; loyalty to their passion to make this world a better place to children & youth who have had a challenging start to life, and more. Peruse this section to learn more about why someone might choose to make a gift to YICC—and what you can accomplish by making your own contribution.

“Youth in Care Canada is indeed fortunate to be able to count upon dedicated care alumni, youth-serving professionals, and friends who share the same overriding goal: the success of youth in and from care.”

~Carleen Joseph, Past President

Thanks to Ryan Smith, we now have a brand new logo!

Many thanks to Farm Boy for supporting our 2016 in-person board meeting!