We are looking for volunteers to join one of the following committees. Committee members are not required to have lived experience in care:

Research & Education: The key focus of this committee is to encourage full access to education for all youth in/from care.

  • Provincial assessment of what each province offers

  • Provincial comparison

  • Administer Ken Dryden Scholarship

  • Connect youth in care to educational support programs and resources

Membership: The key focus of this committee is to oversee the process of bringing in new members, designing membership kits, and maintaining our membership database.  The following are a list of responsibilities of this committee.

  • Initial contact with new members

  • Perks of membership at different levels

  • Partnerships with external organizations

  • Renew our memberships with organizations

  • Member inventory (gains and losses)

  • Member birthday shout-outs

Finance & Fund Development: The key focus of this committee is to oversee the financial health of the organization.

  • Review financial documents

  • Review and update YICC’s annual budget

  • Devise strategies to diversify funding and set membership fees

  • Review previous grants and proposals

  • Review monthly statements and YICC’s budget

Communications: The key focus of this committee is to oversee how YICC communicates with its members and stakeholders.

  • Maintain the YICC website

  • Maintain YICC’s Social Media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

  • E-Networker, Newsletter, Magazine

  • Internal communications (emails, drop box)

  • Provide consistent messages among our various internet platforms

  • Promotion and marketing of YICC

  • Nurture relationships with organizations

Each committee meets once per month for approximately 2 hours.  Committee meetings are held via conference call, Skype or Google Hangouts.

If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please fill out the Committee Member Application Form here.