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Youth in Care Canada exists to voice the opinions and concerns of youth in and from care.
Our Vision
That all young people in and from care across Canada receive standardized, high quality care that meets their diverse needs.
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What’s New?

Calling former youth in care who want to get involved!

Youth in Care Canada is looking for new Board members!

Click here to find out if this might be for you and how you can apply. 

Application deadline is September 14, 2018.


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by @youthincare

Save the date: IFCO Conference is happening June 25-28, 2020, in Montreal!

Join 500+ families, researchers, professionals, service
providers, decision makers and students from Canada and
around the world.

Learn about initiatives that help children and youth in care to
thrive by promoting the creation of significant relationships,
and a sense of belonging to family, community, and culture.



Réservez la date: IFCO Conference à Montréal le 25 au 28 juin 2020!

Joignez-vous à 500+ familles, professionnels, intervenants,
chercheurs, décideurs politiques, étudiants du Canada et de
partout au monde.

Explorez des initiatives qui favorisent, chez les enfants et les
adolescents placés, la création de relations significatives, l’actualisation de leur plein potentiel, et le sentiment
d’appartenance à leur famille, leur communauté et leur culture.


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