Crossroads Learning Centre –
Though these sources of funding may not be specific to youth in/from care, the Crossroads Learning Centre has a comprehensive list of links to awards at specific post-secondary institutions in Manitoba, Aboriginal scholarships and bursaries, scholarships for students with disabilities, scholarship search engines, and other places that award scholarships​.

General Child and Family Services Authority –
Has a list of provincial scholarships in Manitoba and a comprehensive PDF download with more information on scholarships, applying, and choosing universities for youth in/from care.

Manitoba Advancing Futures Bursary –
This bursary covers up to $10,000 per student for former youth in care.

Mountain View School Division –
Though these sources of funding may not be specific to youth in/from care, the Mountain View School Division’s website has a variety of provincial (Manitoba)/national scholarships and lists them according to their application deadline.

University of Manitoba – Youth-In-Care Grant –
This grant is available to new and continuing students at the University of Manitoba who are in/from care and supports the costs of undergraduate tuition. The value of the grant is a maximum of $5,000 per year for a maximum of 4 years.

University of Winnipeg – Youth In Care Tuition Waivers –
The University of Winnipeg covers undergraduate fees of former or current youth in care.

Voices –
Has a list of scholarships, including two national scholarships, that youth in/from care can apply for.